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This round table is concerned with the launching of start-up compagnies by physicists in order to develop and commericalize inventions and technological platforms that have arisen, or are a direct consequence of their research. In recent years, ever more graduates from Physics Faculties as well as permanent Faculty staff, have decided to start their own companies around innovations emanating from their lab. The goal of this round table is to overview a number of key questions and issues that physicists aspiring to become entrepreneurs are confronted with. The round table will be moderated by Jean-Michel Dalle (director of the public Agoranov incubator). Jerome Faul (Investment Director of Innovacom venture capital firm) will also be present.It will comprise four presentations by researchers who have founded their own company :

  • Valery Zwiller, researcher at Kavli Institute of Nanoscience (TU Delft, Netherlands) , founder of Single Quantum.

  • Wilhem Kaenders, previously researcher on cold atom optics, R&D with Technolas Umwelt- und Industrieanalytik GmbH (Munich, Germany), and Director of the newly established business unit “Diode Lasers” at TuiLaser AG (Munich, Germany). Wilhem is co-founder and President ofTOPTICA Photonics AG (Munich, Germany)

  • Mickael Tanter, researcher at Institut Langevin (ESPCI, France), co-founder of the Supersonic Imagine and SEISME companies.


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