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The "Femmes et Physique" (F&P) commission of the French Physical Society (SFP) aims to promote women in physics, to help them to manage their career, to build links by many different actions (letters, articles, conferences etc.) http://www.sfpnet.fr/index.php?page=tpage&id=21).

Women working in physics research, especially in decision-making positions, are still significantly underrepresented. Despite the fact that women represent more than 50% of EU students and earn 45% of EU doctoral degrees, women only hold 19% of senior academic positions on average [1]. F&P commission works to mobilize the community of physicists to achieve equal and full participation of women in physics research [2].

This session, organized by SFP in collaboration with the European Physical Society (EPS), will propose to deal with women physicist conditions in Europe: how do they manage their career? What are the main differences between European countries? ...

As an introduction, we propose a general conference on the Gender, Science, Technology and Environment – genderSTE [3] initiative by the vice chair, Caroline Belan-Menagier from the Ministry of higher education and research, with specific attention to the Grand Challenges identified in Horizon 2020.

Two European programs for Effecting Gender Equality in Research will be presented:

Eileen Drew, Professor in the School of Computer Science and Statistics and Centre for Gender and Women's Studies at Trinity College Dublin. She has undertaken extensive research in the analysis of national and EU data sets, including an international Comparative Leadership Survey of women and men in 27 industrialized countries. She will present a progress report of the INTEGER [3] project.

Flavia Zucco, Head of Research at the Institute of Neurobiology and Molecular Medicine (CNR) in Rome. She is involved in the European Platform of Women Scientists (EPWS). She will present the progress report of the GENIS LAB [3] project.


A round table will finish the session to share experience and introduce discussion.


This session is supported by the « Mission pour la place des femmes au CNRS » (Anne Pépin).


[1] http://www.epws.org/

[2] http://www.sfpnet.fr/Documents/Bibliotheques/36333.8d7c3/Reflets1.PDF

[3] Institutional Transformation for Effecting Gender Equality in Research, project financed by the European Commission within the « Science in society » programme of 7th PCRD.

[4]Genis Lab - Gender in Science and Technology Lab :  http://www.genislab-fp7.eu/

Both projects are financed by the European Commission within the « Science in society » programme of 7th PCRD.

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