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APS Luncheon Event

With the participation of Gene Sprouse, APS Editor-in-Chief.


Condensed Matter in Paris CMD25 – JMC14 gathers over a thousand condensed matter physicists from all over Europe, many of whom are not only affiliated to their national physical society and the EPS, but also to the American Physical Society. This reflects the actual composition of APS membership, with close to 40 % pursuing their professional activity outside the United States of America.

Well-known for its journals, notably, the Physical Review, Review of Modern Physics, in which you all publish, the American Physical Society also provides a series of initiatives and member services that allow physicists in Europe and across the world to nurture and strengthen their links with each other and with our learned society, and to develop scientific events to the greater benefit of all APS members.

On Tuesday August 26th, the American Physical Society seizes the occasion of CMD 25 - JMC14 to organize a luncheon event that will gather its European members, allow the presentation of APS international initiatives, and to strengthen mutual ties with Physical societies in Europe.

12h35 Welcome by A. Fontaine (SFP)

12h40 G. Sprouse (APS)

Presentation of APS fellows

Presentation of APS outstanding Referees

13h00 APS International initiatives : Forum on International Physics, Friends of the APS

13h10 APS – EPS initiatives

13h20 APS – SFP initiatives (A. Fontaine)

13h30 Toast + Lunch

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