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A series of colloquia will be held during the conference. They will consist of invited and contributed talks, as well posters.

Posters should be vertical A0.

Please find below the list of colloquia. Click on the right column to get the full description.

1 Acoustics: Recent advances in acoustic wave propagation, generation and sensing in condensed matter pdf
2 Biophysics I: Physical morphogenesis and cell mechanics pdf
3 Graphene I: Graphene spintronics pdf
4 Graphene II: Lavoisier discussion: "Optical and opto-electronic of carbon nanostructures" pdf
5 Life-cycle of nanomaterials in the (bio)environment: impact on their properties and toxicity issue pdf
6 Liquid Physics I: Fluids in confinement: in- and out-of-equilibrium pdf
7 Liquid Physics II: Dynamics in water and aqueous solutions pdf
8 Low Temperatures - Superconductivity I: Mesoscopic superconductivity and quantum circuits pdf
9 Low Temperatures – Superconductivity II: Fe-Based Superconductors pdf
10 Low temperatures - Quantum Physics I: Mesoscopic physics and quantum gases pdf
11 Low temperatures -Quantum Physics II: Majorana Fermions in Condensed Matter Physics pdf
12 Macromolecular physics: Polymer brushes for nano-devices and bio-technologies pdf
13 Nanomagnetism: Magnetization dynamics and spintronics pdf
14 Nanomaterials I: Nanofabrication using focused electron and ions  beams pdf
15 Nanomaterials II: Thermal transport and thermodynamics in nanostructures pdf
16 Nano-optics I: New tools and concepts for nano-optics: combining photons and electrons pdf
17 Nano-optics II: Nanooptics and Plasmonics pdf
18 Nano-optics III: Revealing Optical properties of nanostructured materials pdf
19 Nano-phononics, Nanomechanics, and Nano-optomechanics pdf
20 Semiconductors I: Coherence properties in semiconductor quantum dots pdf
21 Semiconductors II: TeraHertz (THz) Physics and Applications pdf
22 Semiconductors III: Single Dopant Impurities and Quantum Information pdf
23 Soft Condensed Matter I: Physics of Granular Media pdf
24 Soft Condensed Matter II: Soft Interfaces pdf
25 Soft Condensed Matter III: Drops and emulsions versus bubbles and foams pdf
26 Statistical challenges in Single-Particle Tracking pdf
27 Physics of pharmaceutical amorphous solids pdf
28 Structure and Dynamics I: Metals; Point and extended defects in metallic systems: thermodynamics and kinetics pdf
29 Structure and dynamics II: Crystal morphogenesis: from particle-mediated to polycrystalline growth pdf
30 Structure and dynamics III: Molecular systems under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature pdf
31 Structure and dynamics IV: Inorganic Glasses: from Structure to Plasticity and Damage pdf
32 Structure and dynamics V: Mechanical properties at small scales pdf
33 Strongly correlated systems I: Recent advances on metal-insulator transitions of correlated matter pdf
34 Strongly correlated systems II: Dielectric, magnetic and multiferroic properties of perovskites and related systems pdf
35 Strongly correlated systems III: f- and d- Electron Systems pdf
36 Theory: Density functional theory and beyond: Theory and applications pdf
37 Topological constraints-Topological interactions pdf
38 Transport phenomena impacting the safety and lifetime of materials pdf
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