You can find a floor plan of the building on the "Venue" page.
We have decided to extend the July 31st deadline for online registration for a few more days. You will be able to register online until Monday August 4th, 8:am CET. Registrations and payments received before this deadline will be treated in the following week (August 4th - August 8th), and you may look forward to receiving your invoice and / or receipt if you did not already. All further registrations and payments have to be made on site, where we will accept all major credit cards.
You should now have been notified for your abstract acceptance/rejection. If not, check out your submission section: information should be given here (you should be logged in to retrieve your personal information). The dates for the oral presentations, as well as links to the related abstracts, are given on the planning section of the website. Posters information will follow. Please note that slight changes are still possible until the beginning of June, so please watch the website regularly and be patient. For those who did not register, it is the good time to do so! Follow the instructions on the "How to" page and get ready! If you are a student, you may want to visit the "Student prizes and stipend" section, too.
Kellermann accomodation registration has been closed since May 1st, 2014.
We should like to thank all young scientists who applied for a stipend covering their registration fee. The April 30th deadline being past, we are not accepting anymore requests for stipends at this point.
Several speakers have accepted their invitation for plenary and semi-plenary talks: thanks! The list will be updated as new speakers will accept their invitation!
This first version of the site is opening today! A full version is coming soon!
The web site for "Condensed Matter in Paris", a joint meeting of the European Physical Society (CMD25) and the French Physical Society (JMC14), is under construction! The conference will be held in Paris during the summer 2014 (25-29th Aug). It is organized by the Condensed Matter division of the French Physical Society (SFP). More infos soon!
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