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Acoustics: Recent advances in acoustic wave propagation, generation and sensing in condensed matter (28 documents)
Biophysics I: Physical morphogenesis and cell mechanics (33 documents)
Graphene I: Graphene spintronics (20 documents)
Graphene II: Lavoisier discussion: Optical and opto-electronic of carbon nanostructures (22 documents)
Life-Cycle of nanomaterials in the (bio)environment: impact on their properties and toxicity issue (9 documents)
Liquid Physics I: Fluids in confinement: in- and out-of-equilibrium (24 documents)
Liquid Physics II: Dynamics in water and aqueous solutions (29 documents)
Low Temperatures - Superconductivity I: Mesoscopic superconductivity and quantum circuits (55 documents)
Low Temperatures - Superconductivity II: Fe-Based Superconductors (19 documents)
Low Temperatures - Quantum Physics I: Mesoscopic physics and quantum gases (36 documents)
Low Temperatures - Quantum Physics II: Majorana Fermions in Condensed Matter Physics (24 documents)
Macromolecular physics: Polymer brushes for nano-devices and bio-technologies (18 documents)
Magnetism: Magnetization dynamics and spintronics (32 documents)
Nanomaterials I: Nanofabrication using focused electrons and ions beams (25 documents)
Nanomaterials II: Thermal transport and thermodynamics in nanostructures (25 documents)
Nano-optics I: New tools and concepts in nano-optics: combining photons and electrons (24 documents)
Nano-optics II:Nanooptics and Plasmonics (42 documents)
Nano-optics III: Revealing optical properties of nanostructured materials (36 documents)
Nano-phononics, Nanomechanics, and Nano-optomechanics (24 documents)
Semiconductors I: Coherence properties in semiconductor quantum dots (23 documents)
Semiconductors II: Terahertz Physics and Applications (27 documents)
Semiconductors III: Single Dopant Impurities and Quantum Information (20 documents)
Soft Condensed Matter I: Physics of Granular Media (54 documents)
Soft Condensed Matter II: Soft Interfaces (50 documents)
Soft Condensed Matter III: Drops and emulsions versus bubbles and foams (30 documents)
Statistical challenges in Single-Particle Tracking (24 documents)
Physics of pharmaceutical amorphous solids (13 documents)
Structure and Dynamics I: Metals: Point and extended defects in metallic systems: thermodynamics and kinetics (35 documents)
Structure and Dynamics II: Crystal morphogenesis: from particle-mediated to polycrystalline growth (22 documents)
Structure and dynamics III: Molecular systems under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature (31 documents)
Structure and Dynamics IV: Inorganic glasses: from structure to plasticity and damage (23 documents)
Structure and Dynamics V: Mechanical properties at small scales (24 documents)
Strongly correlated systems I: Recent advances on metal-insulator transitions of correlated matter (20 documents)
Strongly correlated systems II: Dielectric, magnetic and multiferroic properties of perovskites and related systems (21 documents)
Strongly correlated systems III: f- and d-electron systems (19 documents)
Theory: density functional theory and beyond (32 documents)
Topological constraints - Topological interactions (13 documents)
Transport phenomena impacting the safety and lifetime of materials (11 documents)
Plenary Talks (6 documents)
Semi-Plenary Talks (15 documents)
Researcher and new entrepreneur: from an idea to a product (1 document)
Gender Issue (1 document)
Future of Physics Publishing (0 document)
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