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The conference will start now in less than a week!

All you need to prepare peacefully your conference  week is on the website; however we know that preparing a conference can sometime be an headache. We have thus prepared an essential information letter to make this task easy!

We are now looking forward to seeing you in Paris!

Last days to register online!

We have decided to extend the July 31st deadline for online registration for a few more days.

You will be able to register online until Monday August 4th, 9:00 am CET. Registrations and payments received before this deadline will be treated in the following week (August 4th - August 8th), and you may look forward to receiving your invoice and / or receipt if you did not already.

All further registrations and payments have to be made on site, where we will accept all major credit cards.

Welcome to Condensed Matter in Paris!

“Condensed Matter in Paris” is an international conference covering all aspects of condensed matter physics, including soft condensed matter, liquid physics, biophysics, materials science, quantum physics and quantum simulators, low temperature physics, quantum fluids, strongly correlated materials, semiconductor physics, magnetism, surface and interface physics, electronic, optical, structural, and mechanical properties of materials, acoustics, and disordered media. An important place will be granted to interdisciplinary topics as well as to the development of research infrastructure in Europe.

The scientific program will consist of a series of plenary and semi-plenary presentations and mini-colloquia. Within each mini-colloquium, there will be invited lectures, oral contributions and posters.

“Condensed Matter in Paris” is jointly organised by the Condensed Matter Divisions of the French Physical Society SFP and of the European Physical Society EPS, and will unite the 14th Journées de la Matière Condensée (JMC14) and the 25th Conference of the Condensed Matter Division of the EPS (CMD25) in a single event.

“Condensed Matter in Paris” is the next in the series of biyearly JMC and CMD conferences, the last of which were held in Montpellier and Edinburgh, respectively. It will also host the biyearly French-Singaporean workshop on physics, which, this year, will have “Graphene” as its main theme.

The meeting will be held from August 24th through August 29th, 2014, between the Luxembourg gardens and Port Royal in the heart of Paris. 

Book your hotel!

The Paris area can be crowded in the end of August. It will be very difficult to find a room at a reasonalbe price if you will be looking for one at the last minute.

Please, book a hotel as soon as possible!

Sponsor this event!

“Condensed Matter in Paris” will gather over a thousand physicists from across Europe. If you wish to participate as a sponsor, there are various options, tailored to your specific needs and ambitions. 

Please contact us!

Keep yourself informed!

If you wish to be informed of new events related to Condensed Matter in Paris, simply  create an account (this is not a registration) and we will keep you up to date! 







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